Ready Player One Review

Ready Player One Review
Ready Player One Review

Ok, so this was a weird one. First off the recording enviroment was way different since I had all my cables at a friend of mine. So that’s why there was a mic on screen. But I do think that in the end it turned out really well. But for me the biggest fear was the joke at the end. I tried to get jokes into the script but didn’t really see any places where I could do that. But this ending joke I wanted in the video while I was watching the movie. Before I uploaded the vid I asked a couple of friends if they thought it broke the YouTube community guidelines so to check if I was safe. Luckily they all said yes so I left  it in.

And here is the full list for the people who are interested:

  • How do people move in the Oasis when they are in the streets in real life?
  • Why does IOI have power over what happens in the game if they aren’t the dev?
  • The answer to the 2nd clue was that he never kissed the date. Why was asking her to dance then also correct?
  • Where are new characters and games?
  • What would the gameplay of the Oasis be?
  • What does it matter if you die?
  • Why is the place where people die in the Oasis and in real life the same? (for example when mecha-godzilla falls over the people who died where in the shape of Godzilla in the real world, instead of just some random guys which would be the case)
  • Why is there a lever to set yourself free in the holding cell?
  • How is Artemis not spotted in Nolan’s room with all those windows?
  • Where is the government?
  • Ache’s arc was very predictable
  • Why does the shield item exist? It goes against Holidays developing philosophy.
  • Why don’t you die when you have an extra life but you just stay in place. That is not how it works in a game. Having an extra life still means restarting the level.
  • The Shining movie is made by Kubrick, so the second clue isn’t correct.
  • The curator twist was very obvious if you where listening to the voice.
  • Why didn’t people figure out the first hint after 5 years. It is literally the first thing a gamer would try, even without the archive.
  • There are no rules, because Holiday didn’t like rules. But there is a rule that you can’t have an aircraft to finish the race, otherwise why wouldn’t people do that? It’s contradictory.
  • The same exposition is shown twice
  • Zeckemis cube doesn’t work on Artemis, but they aren’t in a clan and she didn’t use it. So why didn’t it rewind her as well?
  • Why is everyone peaceful and not like gta online?
  • Isn’t the race broadcasted or spectated (since Artemis is a streamer)? Why does it take people this long to figure it out after Percival did it?
  • How can Nolan move in his chair?
  • Noland wouldn’t have thought of b055man69.

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