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Well… This is a bummer. As you may know just before starting my website I made a channel. It was meant as a companion to my youtube channel. I would post behind the scenes stuff, gameplay and more unedited stuff. That way I had at least some stuff going out while I was making my next video for the main channel. But a couple of days ago we saw the following line at the top of the website: “We’re sad to announce that Vidme will be shutting down on December 15th.”

I never heard of vidme untill october this year. I learned it was a compettitor to youtube, and I wanted to see what it had to offer. No video higher then 1080p. A slower player. But a heavy emphisise on the creators. And I liked what I saw. But it did have some problems. Like the way of searching for video’s wasn’t as streamlined as youtube. And there weren’t many big youtubers on there. The only ones I found where Rerez and Eposvox. And that has been the downfall. Vidme never got the big audience it needed. So rest in peace.

But what’s next for me? Well, now that there is no competitor to youtube anymore I am forced to make a second youtube channel. I already done artwork and in about a month I have some time to make some recolored intro’s and outro’s. So don’t expect anything soon. My exams are more important. But you can see the first signs of the work I’ve been doing in the video that is going to be uploaded later today. I’ve made some lower thirds and animations. The are maybe going to change in the future, since I still need to play around with them. But let me know what you think.

Wesley Smits

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