The site is done!
The site is done!


I wanted to have my own site for years now. I made free ones back in the day when I was a child on a site I can't remember. And since the beginning of this year I thought 'you know what? Let's actually make a site for the channel this time.' I knew I needed to pay for hosting since I didn't want a .squarespace or .wix or whatever site I was using to build the site. I wanted my own domain. So I looked around for hosting and found to my liking. Now I only needed to think about how I was going to make my website. I first thought about building it through some Adobe program. It looked pretty easy. But you needed to code and I didn't know the coding language. So for a first attempt I thought it would be too difficult. Then I heard that WordPress was pretty easy to use. So WordPress it is then.

After I finally made that decision I first wanted to make the site on squarespace, since it is very easy to make a site and so I could have an example on how to mold my own site. So I started a trial on squarespace and build my site in about six hours. It is indeed an easy service to set-up a website but it is also pretty expensive. That is why I didn't want to use that service. So after all that I started my fastcomet subscriptionand made my site in about 8 hours. It took some messing with the code to get everything working (especially on mobile) but it worked out and wasn't too hard considering. And now it is finally ready for the world to see. I could recommend this to everyone. It is super fun to do and fastcomet is a great site. I did need to use customer support once and it was the best customer support I've ever seen.

Of course I hope that you will enjoy the site just as much as me. If you have any suggestions on what to change, please let me know.

P.S. I will only add one more page in the future. What the page is about is still a secret. And on the homepage a box with my last three blogposts will appear as soon as I've written three of them.

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